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Tiered Treatment Campaign

See Where You Fit on Our Smile Scale

Our transparent pricing tiers simplify orthodontic choices by helping you clarify what you need and what you can expect from your treatment. Whether you want a fine-tuned smile or comprehensive care to address your bite function, we have a plan that meets your needs. 

Smile Scale

Everyone’s different, and that’s why we have choices for our adult patients to improve their smile

Level 1
A few tweaks
  • Our major focus is fine-tuning the alignment of your teeth.
  • Treatment time:
    ~3-6 months

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Level 2
Moderate adjustments
  • This is a great option for achieving a noticeably straighter smile!
  • Treatment time:
    ~9-12 months

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Level 3
Smile Perfection
  • The works. We transform your smile and give you a healthy bite that will last a lifetime.
  • Treatment time:
    ~18-24 months

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