Innovative technologies for
streamlined treatment

Dr. Liy leverages advanced orthodontic technology for efficient, individualized care.


iTero® Digital Scanner

Effective orthodontic treatment requires precise imaging. We use the iTero® 3D Scanner—a state-of-the-art digital scanning system—to generate an accurate, 3D model of your mouth.

Say goodbye to the messy putty impressions of the past. We create impressions needed for your treatment by scanning your mouth with the iTero® wand, making a digital model of your teeth and gums in just minutes. These digital impressions are ideal for making retainers and braces, including Invisalign® clear aligners.

Your detailed images can also be used to virtually simulate your treatment, helping you visualize your smile transformation. Nothing is more motivating than a sneak peek at the future you.


Carriere® Motion

The sleek and unobtrusive Carriere® Motion Appliances correct overbites and underbites, replacing invasive traditional treatment like headgear, surgery, or extractions.

Why we offer Carriere® Motion Appliances:

  • Aesthetics. Unlike bulky headgear, Carriere® Motion Appliances are discreetly hidden inside your mouth. Plus, you can opt for a clear appliance or choose from a variety of colors.

  • Speed. Aligning your bite before you get braces can shorten your overall treatment time by up to four months.

  • Comfort. The low-profile design eliminates poking of cheeks and lips. Elastics exert gentle pressure on your lower jaw, moving it backward to correct an underbite or forward to correct an overbite. 

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2-way texting

Keep in touch with Dr. Liy from home using our two-way texting line. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can chat with Dr. Liy at your convenience. 

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