Financial Information


In-House / No Interest Financing

It is our mission to provide our patients with affordable, high-quality braces and orthodontic treatment that fits your budget! We offer in house financing options for the convenience of our patients. Typically, a low down payment is required to start treatment and the treatment balance can be paid off in interest-free monthly payments over the duration of treatment.

Insurance Coverage

Our staff is happy to assist you in determining if your orthodontic treatment cost will be covered by your insurance company. If the treatment is covered by insurance, we will help you file your claim.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Check to see if your employer offers a medical spending account. Medical spending accounts allow you to cover your orthodontic treatment cost using pre-tax income that is set aside for medical expenses.

We are committed to helping our patients with the best care by offerings a variety of financing plans that fit your needs. Please contact our practice at: to learn more about any of the financing plans mentioned above.

Complimentary Exam, X-Ray, & Consultation

At Seven Springs Orthodontics, a thorough and complete orthodontic examination and evaluation will be performed. Complete diagnostic records includes photos of the patient's face and teeth, and X-rays.