A Message from Dr. Graff

Dr. Myron Graff’s legacy lives on in each smile he has created throughout the years. Hundreds of patients—children and adults alike—can thank his dedication to ongoing learning, technical knowledge, and clinical skill, for the smiles they now proudly wear.

The confidence afforded to his patients has spurred several to devote their professional lives to careers in healthcare, and specifically dentistry. This is among the most rewarding aspects of Dr. Graff’s professional life, for which he is eternally grateful.

After transitioning leadership to Dr. Raphael Liy, Dr. Graff is excited to begin a new chapter in his life, focusing on family, friends, and everything else that makes him smile.

Dr. Graff’s History

Excellent educational opportunities (New York University and University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine) were not enough to give Dr. Graff the direction he eventually pursued. Two years in the U.S. Army provided him with the direction to embrace an orthodontic career. It was at the Columbia University School of Dental Medicine that Dr. Graff found his mission: helping the members of our West Pasco communities to achieve optimum dental health.